As a multi-faceted production company, our creative intention is to write, develop, promote and produce a multi-slate of media entertainment including feature films, television projects, webisodes, music videos, industrial videos, legit theater, and live concerts.  Our primary focus is to create and develop film and television projects with original stories and characters that defy stereotypes and challenge the film and television industry’s approach of consistently rehashing stereotypical stories and characters. We envision projects that include a diverse, avant garde multi-cultural experience via stories and characters on the cutting edge that entertain, yet provoke thoughts and discussions of morality, politics and social values with the proclivity and possibility to attract outstanding television ratings be it network television or cable as well as supplying content for streaming per the evolution and growth of companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, etc. and the DVD market, given the multi-slated dimensions of our company, our creative and philosophical intentions are aforementioned and the same.


Creole Celina Entertainment, a partnership/team of eclectic, talented and creative artists that culminate an array of professional entertainment experience.

This is Creole Celina Entertainment.

Founder of the company, Ty Granderson Jones has worked as an established professional actor acquiring noted film, television and stage credits over the past 25 years, and has honed his screenwriting and film making skills under the auspices of noted Hollywood heavyweights (Jim Uhls, Blake Heron).  Recently Ty directed his third film, Diamond, which Ty also wrote, produced and co-starred.

Producing Partner Joshua Dutrieux is a Music Composer/Producer and also a 3D Designer, Motion Graphics and Video Editing.

Producing Partner Varun Raj is an internationally established Creative Producer with an MBA in Business and a keen expertise in Project Management, Resource Planning, Budgeting, Finance, Production and Post-Production with resources in Mumbai, UK, Dubai and Hollywood. He is the co-founder of several international production companies including Lucid Dreams Motion Pictures.

Producing Partner Lawrence A. Hires founded the company Full Spectrum Entertainment & Marketing Group which has promoted major concerts in America’s 19th largest metro market.

Producing Partner Jonas Mohr is one the entertainment industries most noted and sought after international photographers of the past 15 years with clients from Clint Eastwood to Paris Hilton to Slash.  The noted German photographer has also produced underground cinema/film, and brings extraordinary lighting skills for cinema as a Director of Photography in film.  He is also the co-author /co-creator/photographer of the award winning Hollywood photo-journal titled Mugshots. 

Producing Partner Henning Heup is one of Germany's most noted up and coming young actors, writers and producers, formerly a noted German Rock vocalist who has produced several German film and television projects.

Producing Partner Alexander Isadi is one of Germany's most noted Entertainment Attorneys.  He is the co-founder and managing partner of the I.D Entity Media (IDENTITY) and at one time headed the largest film financing group in Germany.