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CHANCE (feature film)

Story by Ty Granderson Jones & Stoney Jackson

Written by Ty Granderson Jones


A throwback to the classic American cinematic western - -  Inspired by John Ford’s, “The Searchers”, “My Darling Clementine” and Sam Peckinpah’s, “The Wild Bunch” via an Afro-Centric tale of a former slave, and his Caucasian bride’s journey,  post-Civil War,  and Reconstruction era in the Wild, Wild West.


Glynn Turman {Character: SLADE MONROE}

Ty Granderson Jones {Character: SAMURAI}

NAPOLEONIC (half- hour cable television pilot)


 - Written/Created by Peter Compagno & Joseph Riccobono & Ty Granderson Jones


Based on our award winning film Napoleonic, an edgy half hour dramedy continuing the saga of Andre Bozant during the aftermath of Katrina and losing everything, he continues to be an investigative, delusional vigilante embraces his alter ego Little Napoleon and stumbles upon more corrupt, dark and evil forces smothering his beloved New Orleans. Is the corruption and evil real or is it all a figment of his twisted mind. What is the reality of this dark tale?


*Cast includes starring Ty Granderson Jones, Musetta Vander, Roger Guenveur Smith, Nick Mancuso, Ella Thomas, Drew Rin Varick and Donna Duplantier.

THE COOL AND CREEPY (feature film)


- Written by Ty Granderson Jones


An underworld mystery action thriller with dark humor about off-beat gangsters in the Gulf coast melting pot of Tampa Bay, Florida. A deal dishonored leads to a quest to get even. The tale unfolds as the City of Tampa prepares to celebrate its' annual Mardi-Gras like event called GASPARILLA, which celebrates the invasion of the legendary and mythical pirate Jose Gaspar. 

*ROCK SEXY SOBER  (Half- hour cable television pilot)


 - Written/Created by Ty Granderson Jones & Joshua Dutrieux

An up close & personal look at the weird, twisted and strangely appealing daily lives of Rock and Roll royalty as Rio Loveless & her band Dyslexic Sex turn family life and the music world upside down in a single camera dramedy style, i.e. Entourage meets Empire.


*ACT CIVIL (Cable television sitcom pilot)

 - Written/Created by Ty Granderson Jones

Inspired by the classic sitcom All in the Family with a new millennium edge, i.e., The Carmichael Show, welcome to the politically incorrect world of controversial Civil Rights Activist, Reverend Big Ed Bank. Take an up close & personal look at the provocative, hypocritical, and poignant political life of Harlem’s most noted African-American up and coming politician.


*WALK FAMOUS  (Reality Show Pilot)


 - Written/Created by Ty Granderson Jones

An introspective look into the daily trials, tribulations, hearts and souls of the lives of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame cinematic icon impersonators/street hustlers.

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