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A native of Munich, Germany, solidified his reputation as one of Hollywood’s best photographers while working for over a decade for European magazines. His world wide assignments have given him access to Hollywood’s most famous and powerful…from Clint Eastwood to guitarist Slash. His creative and energy filled shoots have made him a photographer of choice for many of his well-known subjects. At the same time Jonas’ interest in the off beat and often seamy side of Hollywood led him to cover a variety of subjects documentary style both as a producer and a photographer. His coverage of the reclusive, body-piercing subculture known as “Modern Primitives” garnered international attention and acclaim.  Jonas’ work has appeared in countless publications including GQ, Vanity Fair, Elle, Playboy and in advertisements for products such as Vespa, Disney, B.M.G., MTV and VH1.

He has published his first book this past April 2008 called Mugshots- A celebration of the journey from ruin to redemption.  Mugshots is a 250 page, black-and-white photo journal that chronicles the empowering stories of thirty-eight ex-convicts and former gang members, including his producing partner, actor/screenwriter Ty Granderson Jones, all who became successful artists in Hollywood.  The book represents the best of both worlds as it merges his passion for documentary, film and celebrity styles. The accompanied art exhibit “Ruin to Redemption” is currently on display and touring around the world.


Jonas is a Producing Partner at Creole Celina Entertainment in Hollywood, CA, USA.

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