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As an ode to women in film comes a narrative inspired by the cinematic styles and storytelling of filmmakers, i.e., Kubrick, Cassavetes, Lynch and Coen Bros. about an organized and violent response to the state of political and social affairs regarding women rights in America. A dark, poignant, provocative, political and off beat tale about a young girl named Diamond who witnessed a horrific incident and was deceived, betrayed, programmed and manipulated by a notorious Feminist organization to become their centerpiece and one of their most efficient, elite and disturbed assassins as she confronts her inner-struggle of good and evil, light and dark, and hypocrisy on her journey.


As an aftermath of Katrina and loosing everything in New Orleans, a delusional Andre Bozant embraces his alter ego, Little Napoleon and stumbkes upon political corruption responsible fro impeding New Orleans' post-Katrina progress.  Bozant becomes a vigilante inspired by his alter ego to save the city and his new found love, Josphine, from the dark and evil political forces.  Is the corruption and evil real of is all a figment of his twisted mind?  What is the reality of this dark tale?


Napoleonic premiered at Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival 2011 and has garnered the Indie Fest’s prestigious Accolades’ Award of Excellence 2010. The film continues to exhibit at festivals around the country, such as the Action on Film International Film Festival 2011.


*Cast includes starring Ty Granderson Jones, Musetta Vander, Roger Guenveur Smith, Nick Mancuso, Ella Thomas, Drew Rin Varick and Donna Duplantier.


~Napoleonic garnered a nomination for Best Experimental Project as well as Ty Granderson Jones for Best Actor and Nick Mancuso for Best Supporting Actor

in the Action on Film International Film Festival 2011. 

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