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Co-founder and Managing Partner of I.D. Entity Media (“IDENTITY”). Together with his co-founding partner Sally Davies, Identity provides for over 20 years worth of entertainment industry knowledge geared towards raising financial capital for prominent Film Producers in the process of securing or renewing substantial co-financing/distribution deals with the Hollywood Majors for a portfolio of films. Previously, Mr. Isadi was CEO of DoRo Media AG, Vienna, as well as Secretary General of RTL Television (“RTL”), Europe’s largest commercial television operation.

As Secretary General and member of the Board of Directors of RTL,Mr. Isadi lead and administrated the Business & Legal Affairs (negotiating Hollywood Studio Output-Deals), Media Research and Merchandising operations as well as being responsible for all governmental relationships of RTL. Also, as Co-Chairman of the VPRT (Germany’s lobbying body of all commercial broadcasters) he was able to forge close relationships with the national media authorities. 

Mr. Isadi graduated from Freiburg/Brsg. Law School, participated in McGill University’s BA of Political Science program, and is a certified Attorney at Law, fluent in English, French and Italian in addition to his native German.


He is a producing partner and Entertainment Attorney at Creole Celina Entertainment in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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