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Established as a Creative Producer with a keen understanding of the creative arts and the audio-visual medium. Known for his evolved sense of story-telling, content design, attention to detail and meticulous approach towards projects, Varun has produced several Television Commercials, Web Videos, TV shows, Promos, Short films and numerous campaigns for some of the leading brands – Indian & Global. As an experienced producer, Varun has executed projects across India & Overseas involving several celebrities & iconic personalities.

An entrepreneur by heart, he founded TryAngles-- an audio-visual content creation & a full service production company with Production & Post- Production facilities in India with offices in the UK and Dubai. Varun is a co-founder and promoter of Tropical Island Productions, a production company based out of Mauritius; The Bombay Film Company-- a boutique advertising and brand audio-visual content production company, as well as a co-founder and promoter of Lucid Dreams Motion Pictures-- a film production company established with a unified belief and vision of creating cinematic experiences that transcend reality and dreams – similar to that of a Lucid Dream. The company endeavors to push creative boundaries to develop and produce feature films that are exciting, cutting-edge and entertaining with the intention to deliver content that is carefully curated for successful ventures – critically as well as commercially, which is why he has partnered with Creole Celina Entertainment to lead with a shared vision starting with our marquee project-- our feature film, off-beat gangster thriller The Cool and Creepy, with more to come.

He brings his expertise in Production, Post-Production, Content, Project Management, Resource Planning, Budgeting, and Finance. Varun has an MBA by way of the prestigious Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies.

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